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Month: August 2018

The importance of Fenugreek.



Fenugreek ( kasuri methi) is short, upright plants ( related to spinach ) with oval leaves. The entire plant has a strong sweet aroma. The mature leaves have a bitter taste. Ground fenugreek ( seeds) has a warm yellowish brown color with a strong curry like taste. In powdered form fenugreek is one of the main ingredients of curry powders.

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How to make Breast and Butt enlargement creams and oils. (DIY)


When i was called for a training on how to make cosmetic products with natural ingredients, we were asked to choose our preferred products, my first was on anti- aging products, then breast and hip enlargements.  You know why? Because most women are spending thousands to have them.

After the training, i have to try out some of the products i learnt, i used them on my body, and wow! it’s just amazing.

The anti-aging was the first i tried on my face, and i was amazed on how wrinkles on my forehead disappeared . Because it’s  a natural ingredients , it took  about two months before i started seeing the results. But my happiness is that, it has no side effect, no artificial ingredients.

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