Month: August 2018

Simple daily routine that will improve your skin


Drink more water. Your skin will produce more sebum (oil) if it’s dehydrated to keep itself lubricated.

One of the most important things you can do for your skin is to stay healthy.

Your skin is part of you. It can be affected by your environment, products you use, your stress levels, diet, lifestyle choices and more. Continue reading “Simple daily routine that will improve your skin”


Skin care: Know your skin type

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Your skin can change over time. For example, younger people are more likely to have normal skin than older people.

Everyone’s skin is normal to them, but in order to care for diverse skin types, we often group people into 4 major categories. Ascertaining your skin type is an important first step in knowing how to treat your skin, or what products to use, and how to have perfect skin. Continue reading “Skin care: Know your skin type”