Ghana soap


2 kg  black soap

¼ cup cam wood

¼ cup quicker oat flour

¼ cup cinnamon powder 3 teaspoon of turmeric powder

½  cup of  aloe Vera  gel

200 ml  coconut oil

¼ cup licorice  extract

1 cup of  Shea butter

2 tablespoon of vitamin c (ascorbic)

200 ml  of lemon juice 500 ml  of herbal water 400 ml  of original honey ½  cup of  orange  peel

½ cup of  neem

2  tablespoon of black seed oil

2 tablespoon of tea  tree  oil

50 gram snow white  powder

1 santarde  lotion

1 nature  secret oil

30 ml  whitening  glycerin




Get a mortar  and  pieces  your black soap inside  it  and pound it  very  well Add all  your ingredients  one  after the  other .Make  sure  it is very  smooth.

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This is the extra whitening black soap it whitens very well and it gives a bright glowing skin, you can as well use Ghana black soap if you don’t want to use the African black soap.

This soap is the miracle soap and it works very well for whitening.


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