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Month: April 2019

Fertility Booster for women


Infertility means not being able to get pregnant after one year of trying .

Infertility results from female factors about one-third of the time and male factors about one-third of the time. The cause is either unknown or a combination of male and female factors in the remaining cases.

Female infertility causes can be difficult to diagnose. There are many available treatments, which will depend on the cause of infertility. Many infertile couples will go on to conceive a child without treatment. After trying to get pregnant for two years, about 95 percent of couples successfully conceive.

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Just as you rid your life of negative energy, your skin sheds its old skin cells to make way for new ones. Natural cell regeneration decreases as we age, so it’s important for us to promote the process with regular exfoliation. Ridding our skin of dead cells makes it smoother, and when skin is smooth enough to reflect light, it glows!

To glow skin simply means “sweeping away dead and dry skin, along with all the other surface debris that might remain on your skin after cleansing, stops it from making its way into your pores and causing stubborn stoppages in the form of whiteheads and blackheads.” A long-term exfoliation practice can even increase collagen production, minimizing fine lines and other signs of aging.

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