Using carrot for your skin has enormous benefits. Carrots gives you a healthy glow. Consuming a few more of it can give a natural healthy glow during spring time.

You can also make soap out of it to get a healthier and more attractive skin color.

Your body turns beta-carotene the main carotenoid in orange carrots into vitamin A in the body. A small carrot supplies nearly 300 percent of your daily intake of vitamin A, so one carrot a day could take you a long way toward that healthy glow you’re going for spring.

Here are some benefits of carrots to the skin:

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floral water

Floral waters, also known as Herbal distillates, hydrosols, hydrolates, herbal waters, and essential waters, are aqueous products of hydro-distillation. They are colloidal suspensions of essential oils as well as water-soluble components obtained by steam distillation or hydro-distillation (a variant of steam distillation) from plants/herbs. These herbal distillates have uses as flavorings and cosmetics (skin care). Continue reading “FLORAL WATER/EXTRACTS”