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E Book for Black Soaps


introduction on black soap.

Benefit of African black soap.

14 amazing benefits of African black soap.

Recipes for various skin conditions.

Understanding black soap.

Types of black soap.

History of black soap.

Water melon and rice fruity soap.

Black soap for acne (sensitive skin)

Avocado black soap

Black soap for cream reaction.

Black soap for stretch mark.

Black soap for dry skin.

Black soap for ringworm.

Black soap for sensitive skin.

Black soap for dark knuckles

Black soap for eczema

Papaya black soap mix

Lemon fruity soap.

Lightening black soap.

Body and face cleansing black soap

Black salt scrub

Black soap sugar scrub

Black soap treat.

Tamarind glow soap

Citrus burst black soap.

Lightening black soap body wash.

Black soap for acne face wash

Exfoliating black soap.

Lightening black soap

Black soap for damage skin

Black soap for acne removal.

Black soap for treat discolouration.

Moisturizing herbal black soap.

Exfoliating/lightening black soap.

Black soap for new born babies.

How to make osedudu.

Black soap for all skin types.

7 days wonder whitening black soap.

Herbal Lightening liquid wash.

Whitening/glowing black soap.

Magic black soap for acnes, pimples etc.

Skin glow black soap mix.

kids glow black soap.

Black soap for babies.

Skin repair whitening black soap

Glow in the dark

Anti-ageing full package.

Kiddies Glow set

Hair shampoo with African black soap.

Hair growth serum

Cocoa glowing bar soap

Glutathione herbal soap.

 Preservative measures.

How to use the bathing soap to get result.

Where to buy your items from your location.

How to start a black soap business.


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