September 24, 2023

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E Book for Black Soaps


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  • introduction on black soap.
  • Benefit of African black soap.
  • 14 amazing benefits of African black soap.
  • Recipes for various skin conditions.
  • Understanding black soap.
  • Types of black soap.
  • History of black soap.
  • Water melon and rice fruity soap.
  • Black soap for acne (sensitive skin)
  • Avocado black soap
  • Black soap for cream reaction.
  • Black soap for stretch mark.
  • Black soap for dry skin.
  • Black soap for ringworm.
  • Black soap for sensitive skin.
  • Black soap for dark knuckles
  • Black soap for eczema
  • Papaya black soap mix
  • Lemon fruity soap.
  • Lightening black soap.
  • Body and face cleansing black soap
  • Black salt scrub
  • Black soap sugar scrub
  • Black soap treat.
  • Tamarind glow soap
  • Citrus burst black soap.
  • Lightening black soap body wash.
  • Black soap for acne face wash
  • Exfoliating black soap.
  • Lightening black soap
  • Black soap for damage skin
  • Black soap for acne removal.
  • Black soap for treat discoloration.
  • Moisturizing herbal black soap.
  • Exfoliating/lightening black soap.
  • Black soap for new born babies.
  • How to make osedudu.
  • Black soap for all skin types.
  • 7 days wonder whitening black soap.
  • Herbal Lightening liquid wash.
  • Whitening/glowing black soap.
  • Magic black soap for acne, pimples etc.
  • Skin glow black soap mix.
  • kids glow black soap.
  • Black soap for babies.
  • Skin repair whitening black soap
  • Glow in the dark
  • Anti-ageing full package.
  • Kiddies Glow set


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