June 2, 2023

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Black tea has always been a great way to get antioxidants, and with this recipe,
you get those benefits in your soap. The scent is one of the smoky tea leaves
and a little amber. This is a wonderful soap that works for everyone and isn’t as difficult to make as you may think.
❏ Mold with a sliding bottom
❏ Silicone Liner
❏ 2.7 ounces Cocoa Butter
❏ 13.5 ounces Coconut Oil
❏ 2.7 ounces Matcha Green Tea Butter
❏ 16.2 ounces Olive Oil
❏ 13.5 ounces Palm Oil
❏ 5.4 ounces Sweet Almond Oil
❏ 14.3 ounces Brewed Black Tea
❏ 7.6 ounces Sodium Hydroxide Lye
❏ 2 ounces Bergamot Black Tea Fragrance Oil
❏ 3 teaspoons Titanium Dioxide
❏ 1 teaspoon Activated Charcoal
❏ 3 teaspoons Purple Brazilian Clay
❏ Black Tea Leaves
1. Start by preparing your colors. Add the Titanium Dioxide to 3
tablespoons of a liquid oil of your choice. In a separate container mix the
Activated Charcoal with 1 tablespoon of liquid oil. Lastly, use a third
container to mix the Purple Brazilian Clay into 3 tablespoons of Distilled
2. Boils 16 ounces of distilled water to prepare your brewed black tea.
Allow the tea to be steep and cool for about an hour. Wait for the tea to
cool to about 70 degrees Fahrenheit. The cooler the tea, the lighter the
color of the lye mixture. You can also freeze the tea and prepare it as you
would the milk soap recipe.
3. Add the lye to the black tea slowly and carefully, gently stirring until the
lye is fully dissolved. The mixture is likely to have a brown color, and
this is fine.
4. Completely mix and melt your oils. After the lye solution and oils have
cooled to 130 degrees Fahrenheit or less, then you can combine them
and stick blend until you have a thin trace.
5. Once you have a thin trace, you can add the fragrance oil.
6. Remove about 26 ounces of soap into a separate container. To this add 2
teaspoons of the Activated Charcoal and whisk to mix completely.
7. Add all the Titanium Dioxide into the larger container of soap and
fully incorporate with the stick blender. Then split this amount in half,
each weighing about 26 ounces.
8. To one half of the Titanium Dioxide mix, you want to add the Purple
Brazilian Clay and incorporate with a stick blender.
9. All containers of soap need to be at a medium to thick trace before you
start layering.
10. Start by pouring half of the uncolored soap into the mold and spreading
evenly, but it doesn’t have to be straight.
11. Next, pour half of the black soap onto the white, but don’t let the black
soap fall through the first white layer. Gently cover it with a spoon and
spread evenly.
12. Lastly cover with half of the purple soap, spreading with a spoon. Tap
the mold firmly to remove air bubbles.
13. Do this process a second time, using up the rest of the soap.
14. After the final purple layer, use a spoon to create peaks in the center or
any other design that looks good to you.
15. Sprinkle the dried black tea leaves on the top of the soap and lightly
press in place with gloves.
16. Spritz the top with alcohol to prevent soda ash.
17. Don’t cover or insulate this soap; it needs to be kept cool. You can place
it in the refrigerator or freezer for several hours if you live in a hot
climate. Let is sit in the mold for two to three days or until easily
18. Cut into bars and cure for four to six weeks.

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