March 29, 2023

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Lightning components can be found in everything from body lotions to make-up remover. Products are currently coming out that vary in speed of (whitening) results.

Skin whitening in Asia is a cultural phenomenon and is very big business in Thailand.

The quest for whiter skin, a controversial topic in the Western world, shows no signs of abating in Thailand or, indeed, across large swaths of Asia. Whitening creams account for half of the $320 million Thai market for facial creams, according to research firm Nielsen.

Here are some of the organic ingredients which can be combined together to get a better result for whitening the skin.

About the ingredients;

 Base cream is just an ordinary cream like jelly that other ingredients are added to.

Glycerine is one of the oldest and most common ingredients that can be found in almost any household. It is one of the most effective ingredients to treat dry and dehydrated skin. Glycerine, also known as glycol, can be extracted from animal fat as well as vegetable fat. It is a thick gelatinous, sweet tasting, odorless liquid that is used in a variety of cosmetics like creams, moisturizers.

Apart from facial skin, glycerine can be used on lips as well to keep dryness at bay. You can replace those expensive lip balms with glycerine and have naturally soft lips. I have seen my grandmother using glycerine for her skin. She used to make a mixture of rose water and glycerine and massage it on her face regularly. No wonder she had a super soft and glowing skin all the time, in spite of living in the hills where the summer sun was harsh and the winters were even harsher. etc

Giga white powder

Giga white is one of the best whitening agent in the market today.

It is extracted from the plant. This substance is used as primary active ingredient in skin lightening products.

Giga white powder successfully brightens the skin by inhibiting the functions of  an enzyme called tyrosinase.

Alpha-arbutin (4-hydroxyphenyl-D-glucopyranoside) is a synthetic and functional active ingredient for skin lightening. Biosynthetic ingredient, derived from bearberry. Crystalline, white powder. Water-soluble. Stable in the pH range from 3.5-6.5.  It can be used for all kinds of skin-lightening products including lotions, creams, makeup products.


1 cup base cream

Filipino powder and solution

2 tablespoon alpha arbutin powder

2 tablespoon giga white powder

1 whitening glycerin


Mix the Filipino powder and solution thoroughly until it become creamy

Dissolve your giga white and alpha arbutin powder in a little warm water

Then mix the Filipino, alpha arbutin, giga white powder with your base cream

Add your serum and glycerin. Your cream is ready to be used after three hours

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