Appreciate housewives! They have a job

The job of a house wife should not be neglected.  I have come across men and even some women describing a housewife as being jobless. Housewives are not jobless, but they work without being paid.
They work tirelessly without being paid, or complain of being under paid, or rather a salary increments. They work with love and kindness, they work with passion , with all their strength.

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Nigerian 10-year-old artist creating a hyper-real-art.

Karim Waris Olamilekan started drawing at the age of six years old at school, he was inspired by the artists MIchelangelo and Arinze Stanley Egbengwu.

He got his inspirations from somethings  going on around him.

He draws cartoons, comics, illustrations from text books and newspapers.

His best work is the picture shown,


because of the title “DAILY BREAD”, the sweat and tears shows how they work hard in their family before they eat. That was what inspired him.