Your teenager is not a problem (part two)

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If you must help your teenage children, you need to know how to make them do the right things without losing them to external control. To achieve this, you must work on your relationship with them. Understanding this phase is a major key to building a healthy relationship with your teenager. You cannot afford not to understand this phase of your child’s life. Continue reading “Your teenager is not a problem (part two)”


Your teenager is not a problem (part one)

pexels-photo-206402Most parents get fascinated watching their children grow. The transformation is usually so incredible that it leaves you in awe of the almightiness of God. It also makes you wonder at His creativity. The little boys and girls that once looked like “ spaghetti sticks ’’ now begin to take shapes with the boys looking more masculine and the girls having beautiful ‘’curves’’ wow! God is truly magnificent.

It is not only exciting to watch them grow; it also fills one with so much pride that you are sometimes tempted to boast about them to friends and colleagues. I feel proud that such beauties came out of me. I wonder why anyone would dread this phase of a child’s life or ever imagine them to be a problem just because they are passing through a transitional stage of their lives Continue reading “Your teenager is not a problem (part one)”