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E BOOK (Organic/Pro mixing)

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*Introduction to Organic Cream
*Introduction to pro mixing
*Introduction to lotions and creams
*Essential oils &Carrier oils
*Skin types & care
*Skin analysis
*How to make base cream
*Arabian glow whitening milk
*Papaya whitening lotion
*Glutax whitening lotion
*Hot Chocolate Body butter
*Ebony body butter
*Glowing Lotion
*India glow lightening lotion
*Glow and shine cream
*Lightening face cream
*Pimples face cream
*Body spot removal cream
*Body spot soap
*Face spot removal cream
*Pimples cleanser
*Whitening body polish
*Skin glow body scrub
*Collagen body scrub
*Lightening oil
*Pimples eradicator soap
*Knuckles eraser soap
*Knuckles cleanser
*Clear hands and feet
*Bleached skin cream
*Bleached skin oil
*Fair lady mix
*Skin glow night cream
*Whitening cream
*Extra whitening black soap
*Moroccan oil
*Talking oil
*Egyptian oil
*Bright n glow oil
*Repair oil
*Face cream
*Pink lips balm
*Pink lip scrub
*Pink lip activator
*Egyptian whitening milk
*Moroccan soap
*Melt n pour whitening/ lightening soaps
*Lightening oil
*Whitening oil
*Sunburn cream
*Sunburn cleanser
*Egyptian lotion
*Moroccan lotion
*Luminous lightening lotion
*Dark thigh fades.
*Whitening body wash.
*Green vein oil
*Loose skin cream
*Hot whitening oil
*Stretch mark cream
*Stretch mark scrub
*Stretch mark oil
*Russian whitening lotion
*Snow white cream
*Body scrub for stubborn skin
*Lightening body butter
*Kids glowing cream
*Sea salt toner
*Caramel tone lotion
*Filipino lotion
*10 days whitening cream
*Herbal lightening liquid wash
*Melt and pour face soap
*Butt enlargement cream
*Super half cast Cream
*Super half cast shower gel
*Super half cast oil
*Super half cast face cream
*Super half cast scrub
*Super half cast cleanser
*Super half cast lotion
*Skin Glow herbal Soap
*Skin Toning Herbal Soap
*Weight loss remedy
*Chocolate body lotion for dark skin
*Skin lightening cream
*Skin lightening papaya lotion
*Whitening carrot soap
*Mango body butter
*Natural exfoliating scrub
*Whitening cream
*Half cast oil
*Half cast cream
*African liquid black soap
*Whitening face cream
*Egyptian magic cream
*Egyptian toning lotion
*Acne/pimples soap
*Knuckle eraser cream
*Whitening black soap
*Anti ageing face mask
*Dark knuckles remedy
*Dark Under arm Scrub
*Pimples /Eczema face mask
*Pink lip balm
*Skin glow serum
*Night lightening/glowing cream
*Skin glow remedy
*Butts and Breast enlargements/ enhancements oils, creams, etc
*Vagina lubricants
*Breast Firming Mask
*Vagina odour treatments
*Vagina Fluid booster
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