December 8, 2023

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Facial cream Cleanser (Mature Skin)
Facial cleansers are formulated to clean our face from accumulated dirt, tones the skin and prevent blemishes and slows aging.

The shelf life on this natural cleanser recipes is around 4 weeks, or 12 months if you are using the optional preservative.

• 20g Apricot Kernel Oil
• 15g Castor Oil
• 12g Emulsifying Wax
• 40g Orange Blossom Water
• 30g distilled Water
• 5g Glycerine
• 1g Preservative
• 12 Drops Neroli Essential Oil
• Pump Dispenser Bottle


Step 1. Use your digital scales to weigh the oils and wax (Apricot Kernel Oil, Castor Oil, Emulsifying Wax) then put them into a heatproof bowl.

Step 2. Weigh the waters, glycerin and preservative (optional) and place in another heatproof bowl. If you are using a preservative you will need a small digital scale to accurately measure 1 gram.

Step 3. Next, stand both bowls in a pan of water but be sure that your bowls are standing firmly and stable as the water simmers.

Step 4. Stir your oils & wax gently until it has all melted. If you are using a preservative make sure the water/glycerin/preservative mix temperature does not exceed the recommended level usually around 65C.

Step 5. Remove both bowls from the heat and combine them by pouring the water/glycerin mixture into the oil/wax mixture.

Step 6. Stir again for 4 minutes (more if required).

Step 7. Leave the mixture to stand for a minute then stir again, repeat this until it cools down. If you see any separation place it back on the heat and stir harder until it combines again. Then remove from the heat and try stirring gently again until it cools (repeat this again if it fails). If it continues to separate try adding another 1-2g of emulsifying wax and melt it into the mix.

Step 8. Once it cools to lukewarm it will thicken, then add your essential oils and continue stirring for a few minutes more or until thoroughly combined.

Step 9. Place in your bottle or container but wait until completely cool to avoid any condensation.

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