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Home Remedies for Pimples


A pimple is a kind of comedo ( A comedo is a clogged hair follicle (pore) in the skin) that results from excess sebum and dead skin cells getting trapped in the pores of the skin.


Sebaceous glands inside the pore of the skin produce sebum. When the outer layers of skin shed (a natural and continuous process, normally), dead skin and oily sebum left behind may bond together and form a blockage of the sebaceous gland at the base of the skin. This is most common when the skin becomes thicker at puberty.

The sebaceous gland continues to produce sebum, which builds up behind the blockage, allowing bacteria to grow in the area, including the species Staphylococcus aureus and Cut bacterium acne, which causes inflammation and infection.

Other causes of pimples include family history, stress, fluctuations in hormone levels, hair and skincare products, medication side effects, and un-diagnosed or underlying medical conditions. Pimples can be part of the presentation of rosacea.

Pimples can be treated by acne medications, antibiotics, and anti-inflammatory drugs prescribed by a physician, or various over the counter remedies purchased at a pharmacy.

But here are some other simple home remedies you can use to minimize the growth of pimples from your face.

Lemon Juice

Lemon juice can effectively treat pimples within a few days. It

contains high vitamin C content, which is good for all types of skin, and its acidic property helps exfoliate the skin. Plus, it is an astringent that will help dry out pimples quickly.

Dip a cotton ball in two tablespoons of fresh lemon juice and apply it on your pimples. Leave it on for 20 minutes and then wash it off with lukewarm water. Repeat the process two or three times a day for a few days.

Thoroughly mix equal amounts of lemon juice and rose water. Apply the mixture on the pimples and leave it on for about 30 minutes.

Then, wash your face with lukewarm water. Do this twice daily for a week.

Mix one tablespoon of lemon juice with one teaspoon of ground nut oil and apply it on the affected skin area. Allow it to dry on its own before rinsing it off with lukewarm water.

Do this once daily for a week.

Note: For faster results, use fresh lemon juice instead of the packaged version, which contains preservatives.


The toothpaste that you use to clean your teeth can also be used to treat pimples. Toothpaste can help dry out pimples quickly due to ingredients like baking soda, hydrogen peroxide, alcohol and menthol. However, you must only use white toothpaste. Do not use whitening, gel, or colored toothpastes.

  1. Apply a little toothpaste on your pimples.
  2. Leave it on for two hours or overnight.
  3. Wash it off with a damp washcloth and then apply a soothing moisturizer.
  4. Repeat once daily for a week or two.

Note: If toothpaste causes irritation, try other remedies. _


Garlic can also be used as an effective home treatment for pimples due to its antibacterial properties and sulfur content. It is also full of antibiotic, anti fungal, antiseptic and other healing properties

Cut garlic cloves into two and rub the pieces on your pimples. Leave it on for five to 10 minutes and then wash your face. Repeat the process several times a day for a few days.

You can also eat one or two raw garlic cloves daily on an empty stomach to purify your blood, which will help reduce pimples.

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