September 24, 2023

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Female breasts are one of the secondary sexual traits that attract male attention and influence male judgments of attractiveness. Research showed that attractiveness ratings were even more strongly influenced by breast size than by buttock size (and hence WHR) when the female figure was presented in side view. Women’s breasts are important in interpersonal relations as they draw attention and arouse sexually.

Breast size impacts on the woman’s physical attractiveness,is heritable.
If you are a woman wonderfully endowed with large breasts, you may have experienced conversations with males whose eyes tend to drift south of your face.

Since breasts grow larger during weight gain, in olden times, this may have meant that the woman was well-nourished, which would benefit both the potential father and offspring. It simply meant that she had access to food and resources.

Here are some nutritional ingredients that can help you grow a fuller and bigger breast.

Recipe 1

• White Rice
• Wheat Powder
• Plantain Powder
• Groundnut
• Tiger Nut
• Milk
• Honey
Dry your plantains ,when dried grind it to powder form ,mix it with wheat & rice powder, blend your tiger nuts & rice sieve and extract their juice, boil the sieved juice & add your powder combo, keep stirring till its thick, then add honey or milk let it cool, store in the refrigerator. Take it twice a day in d morning & evening, best results within a month.

Recipe 2

• Millet
• Wheat
• White Rice
• Corn
Wash and dry them if they are dried fry them and take it for grinding but it should be grinded in a powder form, take 2 table spoons and mix it with nunu milk or yoghurt take it each day, tested and trusted.

NB: it can result to weight gain.

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