April 16, 2024

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Base cream is just an ordinary cream like jelly that other ingredients are added to.


1 Cup emulsifying wax

1 cup steric acid

½ cup cetyl alcohol

Coconut oil 60ml

Vitamin E oil 20ml

Water 800ml

Glycerin 30ml

Preservative 25ml

Glycolic acid 30ml


In a double boiler (place a wide pot or deep frying pan on fire with water and put a thick glass bowl on it) melt your wax, steric acid, acetyl alcohol and oil together. While at that, heat your water on a separate stove, bring water down to be cooling down while waiting for the wax to melt. When well melted, drop it down and turn it into a large bowl (to enable you mix well). Pour your liquid gradually into the oil as you mix with your hand mixer to get a creamy texture. Add your glycerin, Vitamin E oil, preservative and mix thoroughly. Your base cream is ready.

To make this cream very effective, add five or six nature secret oil and mix very well before you store it. Some people add up to 10 bottles of the oil, depending on how effective you want it to be. Store in a air tight container.

To mix 500ml quantity of lotion, you need half cup of base cream because it thick. While some people make base cream is for them to know what goes into their cream. That is what I mean by mixing organic and already made products. If you feel like base cream making is tedious for you, you can buy already made cream but not harsh creams because you will be adding lots of addictive product to get what you want.

You Can also opt for fragrance oils and colors if you want, but is always good knowing everything in your cream because it gives you an edge when a client challenge your product or complain of irritation you can easily track down.

Please note that when making whitening/lightening cream you don’t use ordinary base cream, you buy whitening base cream and in case you are making your base cream yourself instead of adding vegetable glycerin you add whitening glycerin

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