March 29, 2023

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When making this antiseptic soap, I prefer to use natural indigo powder to give the soap a beautiful rich blue color. The indigo color also has healing benefits as well. This soap does not only has antiseptic properties but can also help with psoriasis, rashes, sores, and eczema.

indigo powder
Indigo powder


  •  16.91 ounces Coconut Oil
  • 13.53 ounces Rice Bran Oil
  •  3.38 ounces Sesame Oil
  •  4.5 ounces Sodium Hydroxide Lye
  •  10.48 ounces Distilled Water
  •  ½ ounce Indigo paste or powder
  •  ½ ounce Peppermint Essential Oil
  •  ½ ounce Lavender Essential Oi


  1. Add lye to the water slowly and carefully, gently stirring until

completely dissolved.

  1. Melt the oils and stir until completely combined.
  2. Cool oils and lye to about 130 degrees Fahrenheit or less and then

combine, stirring until you reach trace.

  1. Add the Indigo paste or powder and essential oils, stirring until

completely incorporated.

  1. Pour into the desired soap mold and tap to remove air bubbles.
  2. Allow 24 to 48 hours or until you can easily remove the mold.
  3. Cut into bars and allow to cure for four to six weeks.


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