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How to make Pimples cleanser,eradicating soap, and Pimples face cream.


Acne comes from an old Greek word that means “skin eruption.

Causes of pimples/ Acne:

  1. Hormones

For most blemish sufferers, skin problems start at puberty, when the body begins to produce hormones called androgens. These hormones cause the sebaceous glands to enlarge, which is a natural part of the body’s development. In blemish sufferers, however, the sebaceous glands are over stimulated by androgens, which can sometimes persist well into adulthood. Androgens are also responsible for flare-ups during the menstrual cycle and, for some people during pregnancy.

  1. Extra sebum

When the sebaceous gland is stimulated by androgens, it produces extra sebum (oil). As the sebum makes its way up the follicle towards the skin’s surface, it mixes with common skin bacteria and dead skin cells that have been shed from the lining of the follicle. While this process is normal, the presence of extra sebum in the follicle increases the chances of clogging which can cause pimples.

  1. Follicle fallout

Dead skin cells within the follicle usually shed gradually and are dislodged onto the skin’s surface. In people with overactive sebaceous glands — (including almost everyone during puberty) — these cells are shed more rapidly. When this happens, the dead skin cells mix with the excess sebum and form a plug in the follicle, preventing the skin from finishing its natural process of renewal.

  1. Bacteria

The bacteria exist in all skin types; it’s part of the skin’s natural sebum maintenance system. Once a follicle is plugged, however, acne bacteria multiply rapidly, creating the chemical reaction that results in inflammation in the follicle and surrounding skin.

  1. Inflammation

When your body comes in contact with unwanted bacteria, it sends an army of white blood cells to attack the intruders. This process is called chemotaxis; or, the inflammatory response. This response is what makes pimples red, swollen and painful. The inflammatory response is different for everyone.

Here are some methods you can use to clear pimples from your face.


1 Skin Doctor (Small)

1 Dermalis Cleanser (Small)

1 Royalux Antiseptic Astringent (Small)

Mix together and use. That’s your pimples cleanser.


For Perfect Face

1 Quick Clear Face Cream

1 Miracle Powder

20 Drops Tea Tree Oil

1 Pinch of Camphor

15 Drops Lavender Oil

Mix together and use. That’s your cream



2 wraps of Ghana  soap

4 table  spoon of turmeric powder

60ml  of lime  juice

½ cup of  original honey 1 tablespoon of basil

2 table  spoon of neem

2 table  spoon of coconut  oil

1 tea  spoon of sulphur

2 table  spoon of cinnamon

½ tea  spoon of mint  oil

1 table  spoon of activated charcoal

1 teaspoon of arrowroot

1 tablespoon of clove


Get a mortar  and mix  everything  together till it’s well  mixed together. It  can be  used  on face and body

The above is the pimples kit. Selling a complete kit to your customer makes the work faster but  if the customer want otherwise and prefers only one of the products, the pimples eradicating soap is very important in the kit and can be sold alone even though it will take a bit longer time compared to getting the whole kit.

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