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Dark spots don’t have one single cause, which means the reason you may have them might be completely different from the person next to you. For example, dark spots can be the cause of acne, prolonged sun exposure without proper SPF or protection (lather up that sunscreen, ladies!), aging, or the pigmentation in your skin differs due to genetics. It’s commonly grouped under the umbrella of hyper pigmentation.

You can pretty much get dark spots anywhere, but the area of concern for where dark spots land for most is on the face. They’re also common on areas where the sun is likely to shine on you the brightest, which is why so many people experience them on their shoulders or the back of the legs where SPF is unfortunately often missed.



Black soap/Ghana soap

2 Tbsp Of Sandalwood Oil

1 Tsp Glycerin

3 tbsp Rose Water

3 Tbsp of Lemon Juice

2 Tbsp Lime Juice

About sandalwood oil

Sandalwood oil is commonly known for its woodsy, sweet smell. It is frequently used as a base for products such as incense, perfumes, cosmetics and aftershave. It also easily blends well with other oils.

Traditionally, sandalwood oil is a part of religious traditions in India and other Eastern countries. The sandalwood tree itself is considered holy. The tree is used for various religious ceremonies including weddings and births.



The essential oil of sandalwood is very good as an antiseptic agent. It is safe for both internal and external applications. When ingested, it helps protect internal wounds and ulcers from infections. Similarly, when applied to the skin, it protects wounds, sores, boils and pimples from developing infections or from becoming septic.


Both sandalwood paste and its essential oil are very effective as anti-inflammatory agents.  A 2016 report published in Journal of Herbmed Pharmacology revealed that sandalwood has a nice cooling effect and that it provides relief from all types of inflammation in the brain, digestive, nervous, circulatory, and excretory systems that result from infections, fever, side effects of antibiotics, poisoning, insect bites or wounds. 

Sandalwood essential oil is particularly beneficial in cases of nervous and circulatory inflammations.


Being a relaxant and sedative in nature, this oil works great against spasms. A report published by the Department of Biology, Genetics Institute (CGRC), University of Florida, USA, sandalwood oil relaxes nerves, muscles, and blood vessels, thereby ending spasms and contractions. 

 Thus, it is helpful in treating problems associated with them such as cramps, aches, and coughs.


Although it is very mild, this essential oil has some astringent properties which induce contractions in the gums, muscles, and skin. A 2010 report titled, Santalum Album Linn: A Review on Morphology, Phytochemistry, and Pharmacological Aspects, reveals that sandalwood oil is known for its astringent properties that make it useful as a disinfectant in genitourinary and bronchial tracts, diuretic, expectorant, and stimulant. 

This proves beneficial in terms of strengthening the gums. Additionally, it also helps in the strengthening of muscles and tightening of the skin.


The essential oil of sandalwood soothes the skin and helps scars and spots to heal much faster. 

 It is an old practice to use the paste of sandalwood as a skin pack. The same effect can be obtained by using this essential oil. This oil is now extensively used in skin care soaps, lotions, and creams.


Divide your ghana soap into 2, use 1 part.

Add your oil and your juice together in your soap and mix together

Note:- If your castile soap is a hard one, shred into bits before adding to the oil so as to melt quickly.

These two are basically for facial spots. For the removal, if your client reacts to lime, you can use lemon juice only.

It gets fast when they are used together. Facial spot removal should be used to wash the face and the eraser should be applied on the spots in the night



Soap Mold

Wooden Spoon


Dettol Liquid

Soap Fragrance


Mekako Soap

RDL Black Soap

Warm Water

Clin Cap Cream

Peeling or Miracle Oil

A Bowl


Grate the soaps together

Add half tsp of dettol, and fragrance 1/2 tsp.

*Then boil small water and add to the grated soaps, it becomes a little bit soft. Don’t let the water to be too much.

Add 1 tsp of peeling oil or miracle oil and mix.

*After mixing, add 1 tsp of your fragrance and put your soap inside the microwave to melt.

*After melting completely pour it into your soap mold to be solid after like 5 hours, you can take it out

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