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Lightning components can be found in everything from body lotions to make-up remover. Products are currently coming out that vary in speed of (whitening) results.

Skin whitening in Asia is a cultural phenomenon and is very big business in Thailand.

The quest for whiter skin, a controversial topic in the Western world, shows no signs of abating in Thailand or, indeed, across large swaths of Asia. Whitening creams account for half of the $320 million Thai market for facial creams, according to research firm Nielsen.

Here are some of the organic ingredients which can be combined together to get a better result for whitening the skin. Continue reading “Body Organic- THAILAND WHITENING CREAM”


Body Organic – Super Half cast products for a very fair complexion.

Brightening can also be used to describe products that help to increase cell turnover and therefore speed up the flaking away of damaged upper layers of the skin to reveal the beautiful baby-soft skin below (think of it as a great compliment to your exfoliator).



2 tbsp Shea Butter

2 tbsp Lightening Glycerin

1 tbsp Stearic Acid

2 tbsp Snow White Powder

2 tbsp Giga White Powder

2 tbsp Sepiwhite Powder

2 tbsp Filipino Powder and Solution (it’s also called Filipino set)

2 tbsp Carrots Oil

2 tbsp Half Cast Oil Continue reading “Body Organic – Super Half cast products for a very fair complexion.”