March 29, 2023

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         Texture, according to the dictionary is defined as the feel, appearance or consistency of a surface or substance. 

        This shows that whenever we talk about the texture of black soap, we are describing what the end result of your product will look like.           
Black soap can be liquid, solid, gel like, souffle etc . 


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When you add highly acidic substances to black soap, it cuddles and gives a gel like appearance. Substances like lemon juice, tamarind juice do this perfectly. Honey though acidic, is not as acidic as the previously mentioned substances and so would give a paste that is not really gel like. 

Black Soap Texture According to Additives: This refers to adding liquid substances to black soap to turn it into liquid (body wash). You can add water, herbal water, liquid extracts, etc and turn your black soap from solid to liquid wash .

Black Soap Texture According to reaction to Temperatures Some level of success has been attained in solidifying black soap by melting black soap in a double boiler, adding only powdered herbs and actives and then leaving it in a mould to solidify.

During this experiment, some people reported that that their soap got disintegrated when it came to contact with heat and therefore became a very soft solid while others reported success in getting back the soap to be as hard as it was when they purchased it.           
The variation in results would be as a result of the difference in raw materials used in preparing individual African black soap. 

This method only works with the Ghana version (the one wrapped in brown paper).

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