March 29, 2023

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Fenugreek ( kasuri methi) is short, upright plants ( related to spinach ) with oval leaves. The entire plant has a strong sweet aroma. The mature leaves have a bitter taste. Ground fenugreek ( seeds) has a warm yellowish brown color with a strong curry like taste. In powdered form fenugreek is one of the main ingredients of curry powders.


Fenugreek is used for treatment of reproductive disorder, to induce labor, to treat hormonal disorder, to help with breast enlargement, and to reduce menstrual pain.

Fenugreek helps lower blood glucose and cholesterol level and may help in the treatment of both type 1 and 2 diabetes.

Fenugreek has been used to treat arthritis, asthma, bronchitis, improve digestion, and maintain a healthy metabolism, increase libido and male potency.

Fenugreek helps to lose weight

Fenugreek increases milk production of a lactating woman.

Fenugreek is a remedy for sore throat and fever.

FENUGREEK SEEDS TO TIGHTEN VAGINAL: Boil your hot water, pour your 2tbsp fenugreek seeds in a cup and pour the water in and cover till the following day. In the morning the woman will drink both the water and chew the soft fenugreek. Do this three times a week for tightness of Vaginal and continue this proportion 3time in a week until the vaginal is closed or tighten.

NOTE: Do not take it every day to avoid side effect and it also helps in losing weight.

For breast enlargement and treatment for menstrual pain you will add turmeric powder to the mixture.

FOR HAIR GROWTH: soak 2-3tbsp of fenugreek seed in half glass of water overnight. You can soak it 2-3 hours also if you forget to soak at night.

If you drink the the water in which fenugreek seeds are soaked every day, your hair fall will reduce to 50% within a month.

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