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Volufiline is a plant-based ingredient that is used in some butt and breast enhancement creams to stimulate the growth of fat cells in the areas it is applied.

What’s great about this product is that it’s non-hormonal (meaning it won’t mess with your body’s natural hormone cycles)

It contains the plant extract sarsasapogenin, from a Chinese herb known as Zhi Mu (The actual name of this plant is Anemarrhena asphodeloides). This extract has been shown to actually stimulate the growth of adipocytes (fat cells).

As well as sarsasapogenin, Volufiline combines this active ingredient with hydrogenated oil, called hydrogenated polyisobutene, which acts with this sarsasapogenin to increase the amount of fat stored.

Advantages of Volufiline

  • Non-hormonal. Volufiline is 100% non-hormonal and provides a great hormone-free method of natural breast enhancement.
  • Great for Plumping. Volufiline is fantastic for plumping your breasts for a fuller, firmer look and I highly recommend this for women with deflated, sagging breasts to add overall volume to their breast area.
  • Nicely Scented. This might not sound like much, but if you’ve tried using the likes of fenugreek-based oils or creams, you’ll appreciate the fact that Volufiline-containing creams actually smell really, really pleasant.
  • Volufiline works to increase fat cell production and storage, leading to permanent fatty tissue.

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Disadvantages of Volufiline:

  • If takes time. Even in the in vitro evaluations, the results were measured after 56 (nearly two months) of use. Because Volufiline does not produce a temporary swelling, it takes time for it to stimulate fat cell production and store it in your breasts. Give it time to do its thing.
  • Fullness overGrowth. Volufiline by itself is unlikely to increase your breasts by several cup sizes. It’s fantastic for boosting volume in your breasts for noticeably fuller, firmer, more voluptuous breasts but it is unlikely that you will increase more than a cup size even with continuous use.

 How to Use Volufiline for Maximum Breast Growth

3 tips to help you grow the most on Volufiline.

  1. Heat

Heat increases circulation and brings blood flow to your breasts. It also opens up your pores and allows the breast enhancement product to better absorb into your breast skin.

A heating pad is an easy way to heat your breasts prior to applying Volufiline cream.  It has a total of 6 heat settings so you can adjust according to your preference, it’s better to apply the heating pad before and after you apply your cream.

  1. Massage

Breast enhancement massages are great for both breast enhancement and breast health. You’ll want to apply your Volufiline twice a day – make sure you massage at least once!

  1. Synergize

Synergy simply means that the combining two or more methods can have a combined effect greater than the sum of their individual effects.

This is so, so true in natural breast enhancement.

Volufiline will do a great job plumping and filling out your breasts on its own but you’ll have much bigger results if you incorporate another method such as Noogleberry (also non-hormonal).

How Volufiline Causes Breast Enlargement

Because the skin directly absorbs what is applied to it, we highly recommend incorporating high-quality natural breast enhancement creams into your daily breast enhancement routine.

If you are eager to augment your breast enhancement by adding a topical but don’t want additional hormones in your body, there is a perfect, non-hormonal ingredient that also works to enhance breast size

Volufiline is a trademarked cosmetic substance that is a combination of a plant extract known as sarsasapogenin and hydrogenated polyisobutene. Sarsasapogenin interacts with adipose cells and triggers them to divide and grow.

When combined with the hydrogenated polyisobutene, sarsasapogenin also increases the amount of fats stored.

Together, these two create a the perfect tag team of creating more fat and then storing them away in the areas to which Volufiline is applied. The synergetic ingredients in Volufiline work directly on fat cells and trigger them to start reproducing. Once applied to the skin, Volufiline plumps that particular area of the body by stimulating fat production in the area where it is applied.

What is great about this substance is its non hormonal effect. This means you don’t have to concern yourself with the potential side effects of either estrogen or progesterone.

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